Our Business

Fred NT has a large range of Plant Machinery with qualified operators and experienced Project managers. We specialise in local and remote locations. Fred NT has extensive experience in all Plumbing infrastructure Including:

  • Subdivisions
  • water tanks
  • bores
  • sewage pump stations
  • large trunk water upgrades
  • fire systems

Projects have included:

  • Charles Darwin University, Casuarina campus, upgrade existing Fire Mains with 6Km of poly mains. $3.5m (2013-2014).
  • PAWC, Oenpelli, Upgrade bore field rising mains (7km approx of various sizes material: Poly pipe) and equipping of 3 new production bores, Fred NT were the Primary Contractor. Teng Yik and Sean Carrol were the superintendants, teng.yik@powerwater.com.au Sean.Carroll@powerwater.com.au $800K (2013)
  • DOC, Cullen Bay Pontoon. Installation of all portable and sewer facilities associated with the construction of the new fairy pontoon. Advance civil were the primary contractor. $100K (2013)
  • DOC, Tiger Brennan Drive Duplication Contract # T13-1142a. Upgrade of exiting DN450AC Water rising main with DN600MSCL and DN450MSCL, Relocation of existing sewer man hole and relay of DN225 gravity sewer. $800k (2013) Ostojic Group were the Primary Contractor 89 999999.
  • PAWC, Oenpelli, Sewage pump stations upgrade. Installation of two new sewage pumpstations that were after commissioning connected to the old system that replaced two old pump stations. Fred NT was the primary contractor. Andrew McLeod of GHD was the engineer. 08 89820176. $2.2m (2012)
  • Wadeye, Subdivision of 26 lots. Our project was the installment of gravity sewer and lot services and also water mains supply and lot services. Irwin consult were the certifying engineers. $1m (2012)
  • PAWC, Oenpelli. Installation of an infiltration gallery for the town water supply. Brigid Adams PowerWater. (08) 8924 5187, brigid.adams@powerwater.com.au $20k (2012)
  • PAWC, Groote Island, water treatment and water supply compound. Equip a new production bore and installation of a new hypochlorite and fluoride treatment buildings, West Water Enterprises were the primary contractor. Mathew Wagland, West Water Enterprises, 0407190230. $250k (2012)
  • Ostijic Group, DCI,                                                                                                                    Alice Springs, Kilgarriff Headworks and intersection. installation of DN 375 DICL water main over 2Km, and cutins to Powerwater mains at 7 locations. (2012)
  • Ostijic Group, DCI contract T11-1473 Noonamah, Jenkins Rd stage 1 upgrade, diverstions of DN225 DICL water main in 4 locations, $400K (2011) Geoff Hill contact 08 8999 9999.
  • Ostijic Group, DCI contract T11-1218 Howard Springs, Secure Facility DN300 water main install $1.1M (2011) Ian Hinchliffe contact  088999 9999.
  • New Future Alliance, Wadeye, New DN300 & DN375 trunk water mains for new 2.4ML tank $1.6M (2011)
  • DCI contract T10-1767 Pine creek sewer main extension $234K (Gil Townson contact 0401117479).(2011)
  • PAWC Contract NRD 0142-10 Palumpa Sewerage Upgrade Pump Station & Sewer $1.5M (Sean Carroll [Sean.Carroll@powerwater.com.au])(2010)
  • DCI Contract Asset HOD -30640 Maningrida New Teacher Housing subdivision New Water, Sewer, lot Services and Roads $680K(2010)
  • DCI Hidden Valley Motor Sports Complex New Fire main for Pits $370K (Colin Fripp 0889994642)(2010)
  • Sage Const.DCI contract T09-2398 Thorngate road provision of Civil Works to the defence Support Hub DN300 DICL water main and lot connections $300k (Sam Sage 89313033).(2009)
  • PAWC contract NRD01201-09 DARWIN – MILIKAPITI –                         REPLACEMENT OF THE AC WATER MAINS  Supervisor Brian Jones GHD ph      89820143 $831k(2009)
  • LDC Contract, Subdivision, lowering of 75m of 375 DICL water main, installation of 150m of DN 300 UPVC water main, Installation of 120m of DN150 UPVC water Service, relocation of a DN 150 Meter Assembly, & 40m of DN250 water main, $310k, Sage Contracting (Sam Sage 89313033).(2009)
  • DIPE Contract T09-1575 Girraween Rd Realignment, Diversion of 70m of DN 375 DICL water main and 80m Of DN 150 DICL water main, Ostijic Group (Rick Grant 89999999) $172k(2009)
  • Ostojic group I.P.E.contract T07-1364 New East Arm Boat Ramp New Water Service Supervisor Mike Makepeace (ph 0401117410) contract sum $207k

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